Just before 2am Saturday morning, Kennewick police responded to a break in at the Baker Boyer Bank near Canal and Edison Streets, and found the building had extracted it's own vengeance on the suspect.

Police surrounded the building after getting an alarm. They found a broken window spattered with blood in the back of the building, and a pair of shoes on the sill. A suspect was seen inside the building throwing various objects around, perhaps looking for items of value.

He poked his head out the window, then realized the building was crawling with police and gave up. 19-year-old Justice (!) Raasch was booked for burglary into the Benton County jail. Authorities found he had cut himself trying to break through the window, and also found prior to entering the bank, had tried to break into a car in the parking lot. So, he ended up 0-2 on the night.

Police didn't reveal the extent of his injuries, but from the amount of blood around the window, the building got him pretty good!

Mr. Raasch will be receiving proper treatment that matches his first name.

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