40-year-old James Lee DiMaggio kidnapped 16-year-old Hannah Anderson south of San Diego after killing her brother and mother Aug. 4. He was a trusted family friend. After a lengthy chase up the coast, DiMaggio was killed in an encounter with the FBI in Idaho.

According to Valley County Coroner Nathan Hess, DiMaggio was shot at least five times in just the head and chest. Hess was unable to determine the exact number of bullet wounds because there were so many -- plus the high caliber of the weaponry used to bring him down!

DiMaggio had lured the family to his home south of San Diego on the premise of spending some time together. He tied up Anderson's younger brother and mother, reportedly tortured them and set fire to a garage they were in. Anderson's father is reportedly considering moving with his daughter to Tennesee.

DiMaggio reportedly abducted the girl because he was in love with her.