This guy, who's from Idaho, was apprehended by Pasco police after he was seen rummaging through cars in a West Pasco neighborhood. Here's a look at how suspects are strapped into a patrol car, as he is.

Travis S. Hintz, who was a long way away from his home in Pocatello, Idaho, was arrested early Wednesday morning in the 4900 block of Sonora Street in Desert Plateau.

Pasco officers on patrol saw him checking vehicles for locked doors.  They followed and approached him, then saw him duck into a yard. He was found hiding under a bush. Officers say initially he tried to run but was quickly tackled and subdued. He had with him a backpack, and contains mostly change and money taken from vehicles.

Suspect being interviewed by officer (Pasco police)
Suspect being interviewed by officer (Pasco police)

He is seen here in the back of a patrol car, being 'interviewed' by an officer. Even wearing camo won't keep you from being spotted prowling cars.

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