We've all seen the commercials on TV for digital home security programs, and apps that can 'watch' over your home. But this is a real-life example of how they work!

Bonner County Idaho sheriff's deputies say Devin Check, who's age was not listed, was arrested after security footage and audio clearly showed him breaking into his father's home near Priest River, Idaho.

The father had linked his home security system to a cellphone app from a company called Clever Loop. As he was getting off a plane in Phoenix, where he'd gone for vacation this last week, the app went off. He was able to see the surveillance cameras showing Devin breaking into his home.

Check was able to turn off one of the cameras, and apparently he suspected the system was in place. But due to multiple units, some of which were hidden, he was caught. By the time he turned off the camera, the footage had already been digitally stored by the company in the cloud.

The company immediately called 911 as soon as Check showed up and began his entry. Besides the lengthy rap sheet he already has, Check is now facing additional breaking and entering and burglary charges-done in by a cellphone app that notified his father nearly 1,000 miles away!

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