Investigators in Oregon looking into the e-coli outbreak that has sickened at least 39 people are now looking what is being called "new ingredients" added to the restaurants.

NW Cable News reports:

"Investigators from Chipotle are looking at any new ingredients added to their Oregon and Washington stores in October for the possible carriers of E. coli.

39 people have gotten sick from the infection linked to the restaurants. Dr. Emilio DeBess said the restaurants receive fresh deliveries every three to four days, which could help investigators focus on shipments that arrived in the time leading up to when customers got sick."

Stores across the Pacific Northwest region remain closed as the investigation continues. In the meantime, a Washington woman has sued the chain after contracting the ugly intestinal virus.

Charmaine Mode, from Kelso, WA has filed a suit through a Minneapolis law firm. She is demanding to know how the contamination happened, and wants the source of food suppliers to be made public. According to NW Cable News:

 "Chipotle makes very strong statements about its commitment to responsibly and safely sourcing its ingredients, yet there have been three large foodborne illness outbreaks in the last year," said attorney Brendan Flaherty. "Litigation in this outbreak and the others will help make sure that Chipotle and its suppliers are living up to their promises."

The court documents obtained by KGW say Mode sought treatment on Oct. 27 after falling ill on Oct. 25 with nausea, severe bloody diarrhea and other symptoms. She had to undergo a painful examination and testing at PeaceHealth Lakefront Clinic in Longview, Wash.  She also missed work because of her illness and has ongoing medical expenses."

The exact amount of damages sought by the woman was not revealed, but reports indicate it's in excess of $75,000.


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