Christmas Eve, residents at the Heron Lake Apartments at 51 North Edison were treated to a 'spectacle' when an unwanted visitor wrestled with police. And he was NOT Santa.

Kennewick officers were called to the apartments, located behind Marineland Village just off Clearwater, for a report of a man either on the roof or a balcony and he was not welcome there.

Around 8:40PM officers found 24-year-old Colt Chaney on the scene, they said he was on a "resident's balcony uninvited." After attempts to detain him and investigate, he began to fight with officers. One officer sustained minor injuries, but Chaney was subdued. He was then cleared at the hospital and spent Christmas in jail facing trespassing and resisting arrest charges as well as an outstanding Department of Correction warrant.

Police did not say what he was doing on the balcony, only that he was "uninvited". It's possible he climbed up there.

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