Some are choosing to focus on the footage of Border Patrol agents seen dumping out water and supplies left in the desert at a well-used crossing area by illegals. According to several immigrant right's organizations in Arizona, the agents were destroying supplies left to keep illegals from perishing while crossing into the U.S.

However, the news broke shortly afterward that an Arizona State professor was arrested for harboring two illegals by providing food and water. Daniel Warren is an ASU professor and instructor, and the university released a statement saying he "was not acting in his capacity as an ASU instructor at the time and we have no reason to believe it will impact his ability to fulfill his current duty with the university."

While there was no immediate comment from the Border Patrol, officials say in the last year, such immigrant support groups have come under much greater scrutiny. There are numerous groups who assist illegal border crossings by leaving supplies of food, water clothes and even phones in areas where illegals are likely to find them.

It's also believed, according to some experts, these groups possibly are in communication with illegal crossing groups. They are able to relay information about where to find these supplies in the desert. Even during winter, conditions can be harsh, and ill-equipped crossers often die during the trip.

According to the Trump Administration and ICE, these immigrant groups are breaking the law by offering assistance to help illegals successfully cross. Some say ICE is attempting to break up these groups by arresting important leaders and others in the groups.


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