You may have heard of College Bound, a state program that helps with tuition for post-secondary education, especially for low-income students.

The Washington State Senate has passed a bill that would allow students-teens who are here illegally to apply for such financial aid.  They would be required to have been here for three years and obtained at least a GED from high school. They would be able to utilize the College Bound program.

The bill passed by a margin of 38-11 according to the Yakima Herald Republic. All Democrats voted for it, as did half of the Republicans.

Senator David Fockt, (D) of Seattle, who proposed the bill, said it sends an important message that the state is wealthy enough to take care of these students who grew up here, whether they are legal or not.

Critics of the plan, including some who voted against it, say Fockt needs to run that message by legal students who don't qualify for these special-interest programs but are still trying to find a way to fund their college education.

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