In a strange twist of timing, the Internal Revenue Service has begun sending requests for numerous amounts of financial, political and even personal data to TEA Party groups around the country.

Numerous TEA Party groups around the nation are hitting back at the IRS, after they began sending out requests for information about the groups financial information, politics, contributors, EVEN family members!    The IRS wanted to know their relationships with political candidates, even going as far as to requests printed copies of their Facebook pages.  While some of the requests are normal (when you are dealing with registered non-profit groups) but the Parties are demanding to see what requests have been made towards ACORN, and even the Occupy Movement.    TEA Party members have called the IRS questions about donors, volunteers and members relatives "intelligence gathering."    Critics say while some of the requests are normal this time of year, they do say the timing and nature of the questions are puzzling, some call it tactics of intimidation.

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