Richland police say the burglary took place around 1am on Thursday morning, September 14th.

Someone broke into the Mid-Columbia Wine and Spirits store at 1711 George Washington Way. The surveillance video shows the culprit strolling behind a display counter, and obviously had certain tastes. They appear to be leisurely shopping, selecting certain brands. They appear to be either a bulky stocky person, or else they were wearing extra clothing. Their face appears to be covered, with a scarf perhaps, and wearing a hat of some sort.

Might have made their trip easier if they'd brought a bag. Police are asking anyone with any information to call (509)-628-0333.  They didn't say if an alarm was tripped. Police say the break-in was around 1am, but according to the time stamp on the video, it shows 23:00 plus hours, making it around 11pm. How they got it was not revealed either.

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