According to multiple reports, including one from a real estate businessman/business associate of ours, Costco in Kennewick ran out of bottled water and toilet paper Tuesday--at least temporarily.

Store employees mid-morning were having to make loudspeaker announcements and moving through the store to remind customers they were limited to six cases of water. No word, according to sources, as to when these supplies will be replenished.

Our business friend said the lines there were long, but the amount of food and supplies people had piled on their carts was amazing--even by Costco standards, he'd never seen them that tall.

Much of the (pardon the expression!) 'run' on toilet paper, and the water, was due to the CDC and other health organizations suggesting people have at least two weeks of supplies and food in their homes due to Corona virus issues.

For an image of what the store looked like Tuesday morning, click on the button below (courtesy of KEPR TV, who had a reporter go inside and snap images of the lines)

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