As if the state doesn't have enough going on.

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson is finding himself in increasingly hot water over a fundraising email sent to supporters.  According to content of the email, he 'fears' President Trump will use the COVID crises as an excuse to delay the November Presidential election, and use that to his benefit.

Jason Rantz, a fast-rising talk show host on KTTH AM 770 in Seattle (who's appeared on Tucker Carlson's show on Fox News many times), says Ferguson is using an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory to pry money from donors.

Ferguson claims in his email:

(He may) “use the global coronavirus pandemic to delay or cancel the November general election.”

Several times Trump has publicly resisted delaying state primaries due to the COVID crisis, and most national experts agree this theory of a delay has been floated by Senator Sherrod Brown (D) and CNN.  The Constitution prevents any President from doing this. However, as Rantz points on in his article Wednesday, Ferguson floats this idea as if it's a real possibility, and is using it to get money from supporters. Like Governor Inslee, Ferguson is up for re-election this fall.

Ferguson points out in the email he's sued the Trump Administration 27 times, and claims he is 26-1 vs. the President. Most of the suits have been over procedural items, ranging from EPA regulations to minor, lesser issues. Ferguson appeals to supporters for campaign money, insinuating he needs to stay in the AG chair so he can fight the President on this matter and others.

Rantz called the fundraising email "disingenuous," says the email is in bad faith, and Ferguson knows it. Ferguson's office fired back an email defending his position, but it comes off as a "he said-she said" reply.

To see the KTTH article for yourself, click on the button below.

Rantz also provides an article showing even if he wanted to (and he's publicly said no) Trump or any other President cannot change the November election date. Rantz and others say Ferguson is using an unfounded claim to raise campaign money.   Here's a link to the article provided by Rantz. Click on the button below.



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