Here are a variety of news briefs we've compiled that hopefully will help our listeners and friends as we all cope with the COVID 19 situation, as of March 18.

  • Richland Police have announced in some cases, instead of sending an officer to respond to take a report, they will be done over the phone. OF COURSE emergency and serious calls will be handled. But for more routine reports, many will be done over the phone due to COVID concerns.
  • Columbia Center Mall remains, as of Wednesday, STILL OPEN.  But two stores have independently announced they're closed. Macy's and Coach. Macy's will remain closed until at least March 31st. Their closure began Wednesday the 18th. Coach will also be closed through March 27.
  • KADLEC Regional Medical Center in Richland has now adopted a "no visitor" approach policy.  This applies to all Kadlec facilities across the area. So if someone is either in the main hospital or at an urgent care center, NO visitors allowed to go back and see them. This policy will remain in effect TFN.
  • KADLEC has also just announced they are closing their EXPRESS CARE walk in clinics, located in Pasco and Kennewick and Richland.  There are four of them. Instead, people in need of 'minor' treatment can interact with them via Kadlec's ExpressCare Virtual Connects system. 
  • Beginning Wednesday March 18 Ben Franklin Transit buses will have passengers enter and exit buses through the REAR doors at the back of the bus. This is to help protect drivers and officials say it ensures better social distancing by not having people pass by others who may be sitting up close to front. Because of this change, fares will NOT be charged, through April 11 or when COVID is no longer deemed a public threat.

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