It was apparently so important, we got it twice.  My phone lit up this morning with Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold" (That's my text message alert music) and I saw where folks in Montana were staging the Great Montana Shakeout Drill.

My wife grew up in Simms, next to Fort Shaw by Lincoln (Unibomber country) so we've been there a few times. But we were wondering why I got a text about a Montana earthquake drill.

Have not been able to get an answer yet on that one. But their website says the Montana event today was one of a number in October, designed to raise awareness for what to do in event of a big quake. Millions of people worldwide will get (or have gotten) such messages about practice drills for quakes.

We did not drop, cover and hold on, as indicated by the website. If we get one for here in WA, we might. But we send our best to the Big Sky State, and hope their drill went well.

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