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Lists are sometimes like political polls. The results can depend on the responses, data, and other factors. But with this one, there's quite a bit of information that went into it.

  Portland, Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane all make 'Top' 150 list

According to a study released by,  we have a number of metro areas that made their new list of "Dirtiest" cities in America. The information was released this month. The original list was 200 of the largest metro areas in the nation.

  The criteria utilized included five categories of public data related to pollution, 9 categories relating to living conditions, and four areas related to infrastructure.

From that list, they also included a consumer satisfaction category (how happy people are with their city).  48 cities were removed from the 200 because of incomplete data, leaving the final 152.

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   Portland is the worst at 76.

Portland, OR came in at 76, the 'dirtiest' of our PNW entries. Surprisingly, Eugene, OR (the home of the Ducks) was ranked 82nd.  Tacoma landed at 87, while Seattle was at 101.  Spokane made the list at 108, while Bellevue, WA (home of lots of tech) was at 139.

Houston was considered the worst, and Detroit was in the top ten as well. New York was 12th, while Los Angeles came in 15th. Surprisingly, Portland, Tacoma, and Eugene were considered by the study to be worse than San Francisco, which held down 97th.

To see more of the study, methodology, and results, click here.

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