The new transgender laws that seem to be spreading across the country are causing some women to stand up and point out that they are fast becoming the 'victims' in this issue. Some comments on social media made us think.

A small but growing number of women are pointing out that after decades of fighting to win the right to vote, equal pay, equal opportunity, 'breaking the glass ceiling,' and more, NOW their rights to privacy are being trampled because of new transgender bathroom and dressing room laws.

Already, there has been a number of documented cases when such laws have been the expense of women.

  • Seattle Man undresses in front of women in public pool in February. Claimed he was 'testing' the transgender law that allows men to access women's locker rooms, bathrooms, and in the case of Target stores, dressing rooms.
  • Back in 2014, a Toronto, Canada man who claimed to be transgender was arrested for allegedly using that ploy to gain access to 2 women's shelters to assault women. He was deemed by a judge to be a sexual predator and a "dangerous offender."  Ontario adopted a transgender law in 2012.
  • A group of Washington state female sexual assault victims have banded together to request the Human Rights Commission reverse the transgender rules. According to The Daily Signal, one of the victims says the new laws leave them and their young children "vulnerable, exposed and unsafe."
  • Other sexual assault victims are speaking out against these rules. According to the, these people believe these rules will encourage countless men who already have deviant behavior patterns to misuse these laws for criminal behavior. One such rape victim talked with the Federalist about this issue.

So who benefits from these laws? Those who identify with their sexuality in a different way from the general population. Who is hurt? Women.  We have yet to find ANY significant national discussion about how these rules will invade the privacy, rights, security and safety of women in America.

This has nothing to do with militant feminism, but the hard-earned rights of decent, well-meaning women who want nothing more than to feel safe and secure in today's society. So far, these laws don't appear to be making them feel this way.

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