Ok, maybe not THAT far!  But Newstalk 870 watched, live, as Zerorez Tri-Cities turned what was an ugly, dirty, stained and pooch-peed-on rug into a clean, liveable living room.

For years, like most of you,  we lumbered down to the store, rented that big, bulky soap-spewing carpet cleaner.   Remember how you had to keep the kids off the rug for hours, usually overnight?  If you didn't get the mix just right,  your carpet felt "slick" under your feet?  Yikes!

We brought in Zerorez to see what they could do on some carpets that hadn't been cleaned in over a year, and when they were shampooed, it was done by the old school method.   What we saw was remarkable!

Now,  if you're rebuilding an engine in your living room, or rub out cigarette butts in the rug, nobody can help you.   But Zeroez can remove stains you thought impossible, and make you think twice about replacing the carpet.  In our first video, the carpet is dingy, dirty, clogged with pet hair, and numerous stains, which look like grease.

What can be done to fix that?!?  We will find out with Tyson from Zerorez!

Watch this video, it's the first in our series of Drab to Fab,  as we clean the carpets and make this home quite a bit more liveable!      Right now, in August,  Zerorez will clean 3 rooms for just $99! And they will make sure you're happy with their work.   Like them on Facebook too!

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