It appears a 48-year-old Kennewick resident felt he was above the law in town, the state, and perhaps the world.

   Man arrested for multiple warrants, and for unusual self-made plate

Late Sunday night, around 11:45 PM a Kennewick Police officer on patrol noticed a speeding car near Kennewick Ave. and Quincy St.  He clocked the car on radar, and they were indeed speeding.

Despite the officer turning on his emergency lights, the driver continued to move along at the speed limit, stopping at stop signs, until they finally turned into a trailer park near Columbia Drive and South Washington St.

The man informed the officer he'd done nothing wrong, and therefore he did not need to stop. The man, whose name was not released, is now facing a plethora of issues besides this phony homemade plate. According to KPD:

"The driver also had warrants for his arrest. He was issued multiple traffic infractions, including failing to yield to emergency vehicle, and booked into the Benton County Jail for driving while license is suspended and the warrants for his arrest."

The plate says "peace on earth" on it and certainly appears to be the work of someone who doesn't believe they have any requirements to drive at all.


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