Information still coming in, but here's what we have as of 11:40am Friday morning.  From Pasco EMS and other sources.  A man was seen jumping off the Blue Bridge:

"Multiple northbound drivers on Pasco side of Blue Bridge called 911 reporting a Hispanic man in a red sweatshirt jumped from the bridge. Pasco police, fire, Franklin County and Kennewick police on other side of river are all waiting and watching for body to show up. They are hesitating to call Dive & Rescue. Often a jumper can be found on the bottom of the river near where they went in, so an exhaustive search must be done before calling in Dive & Rescue."

We will continue to update as more information becomes available. Officials now have the difficult task of determine where the man might be, if indeed he did jump.  The river is fast, wide and lots of under currents that can yank a person below water in the snap of a finger.


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