If you want to go full investigative, what Roseanne Barr Tweeted about a former White House official was no worse than some of the social media comments recently made by others in the world of politics -although it was pretty shocking. But in this case, it cost her the #1 revival show.

ABC has pulled the show after Barr made the following Tweet about former White House Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett:

  "Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj." 

The Tweet was since pulled after being posted early Tuesday morning, but ABC reacted swiftly. The show was already under pressure from various leftist and progressive groups, some further inflamed by the show's resounding success. Roseanne had risen to the most watched broadcast of the season, beating CBS and This Is Us, AND NBC's Big Bang Theory.  That last accomplishment speaks to the success of Barr's show.  It averaged 22.1 million viewers.

It was no secret that Barr is a Trump supporter, and while certainly not a strong conservative, was significantly more right-leaning that most of her counterparts in Hollywood.

The network's decision leaves a huge hole in the ABC lineup, no word on how plans for a return of the show in the fall will be dealt with.

An SNL (Saturday Night Live) writer was suspended for making shocking social media comments last year about President Trump's 10-year-old son Barron, several comedians were confronted for similar comments--some were of an abusive or sexual nature. Rosie O'Donnell went as far as to claim Barron was Autistic, which drew a harsh blast from those whose children actually have the neurological disorder.

Many of these incidents drew little attention outside the world of politics, because they were under-reported by the media. Some of the comments made about Barron were sickening.

However, no permanent action was taken against these media figures. But, truthfully none of them were as much a public figure as Barr, and had as much to lose as her #1 show.  But they were largely mentioned, then swept away. The only reason most of them got any play was because Trump supporters called enough attention that some media outlets were 'forced to mention them.

While what Barr said was insensitive and brutal, it's sad the same standards are usually not applied to others remarks because of the political leanings of Hollywood and the mainstream media.

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