We all make mistakes on our jobs, but for some of us, it's more noticable than others.

Authorities are looking into why an 19-20 minute fireworks show in San Diego went up in 20 seconds.  An apparent technical glitch caused the Big Bay Boom fireworks show to detonate ALL of the explosives in the span of about :20 seconds, leaving promoters bewildered and viewers angy and stunned.  

  After the massive, noisy blast, (which shook the ground),  observers said car alarms were going off everywhere, and many people thought  the foreworks had all exploded by accident instead of being launched.  The music for the show went on, but the fireworks didn't.   They were launched from four barges moored close together, giving the impression it was one big explosion.  Red-faced officials continue to try to pinpoint the technical issue that led to the big boom, then fizzle!

 See the incredible fail here.

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