Franklin County Deputies located and broke up several illegal pot growing operations, including one in a remote area, with help from their new Drone Program, just in the last five weeks.

Deputies were able to locate and confiscate a grow on the Bluffs over looking the Columbia River North of Columbia River Road. Two other growing operations were also detected and removed after being spotted and confirmed by the drone.

Earlier in August the drone helped search for a suspect who was believed to have stolen a truck and trailer near Glade Road and Clark, the vehicles were found burning at the scene. Last month, a fleeing suspect was located by the drone near Pepiot and SR-17 and ground units were able to capture him. The suspect was running on foot in a remote area, but the drone spotted him.

The marijuana growing operation near Baart and Russel Roads was first spotted from the air by the drone, and Deputies confiscated over 250 plants and other related growing materials.

The County does regular updates and releases about drone activity, especially when it involves criminal cases or investigations, because they want the public to know what they're doing with it.

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