Over the last week or so, we've challenged  Zerorez Tri-Cities to take the carpets in a home that have been treated badly over the last 5 years, and make them "liveable" again.  And boy, did they come through.

Let me remind you there are no such things as miracles, unless you're talking about religion.  If you have cigarette burns,   or were changing an engine block in your living room, you might be stuck with some marks.    BUT,  they were able to greatly minimize what turned out to be some oil drops or stains so they don't stick out nearly as bad.

(Side note - We DID find out that a previous occupant of this house a few years ago  actually had an engine from a car set up in his living room, and was working on it during the winter!)

This video shows how compared to when we started, the carpets in this home look nice again.    Several stains which the current owner tried to remove with a traditional shampoo-hot water cleaner (and was met with epic failure) were gone!

Why don't "regular" carpet cleaners work?  Because they dump shampoo into the rug.  NO MATTER how many times you go over and over the rug,  you will never get all of it out.   The last time we checked, gravity works.  The soap, and a lot of residue, seeps deep into the fibers and carpet pad - never to be disposed of.    Your rent-a-machine doesn't have the horsepower either, to extract it.   We told you Zerorez uses suction powered off the 350cubic inch engine  of their service van!  The suction on the end of the hose can actually pickup a 15-lb bowling ball!

Plus, their electrostatically-charged water doesn't put more soap into the carpet.  It's WATER that did all this cleaning.  By the way...like candles?  Ever spilled some of the wax on your carpet?  You'll be amazed how they can remove that too.  Their trained professionals will give you an honest assessment of your carpet. They'll also use their unique ultraviolet light to detect any pet stains you might not know are there.

Or we could tell you the story about the homeowner who's child ate some blueberries, then got sick and they "came back up" and ended up on light-colored carpet...better yet, let Zerorez tell you how that turned into a success story, and the homeowner didn't have to replace the carpet!

IF you thought your carpets were gone,  at least try Zeroez.  And remember their August special.  Mention Newstalk 870, and get three rooms (any room) cleaned for just $99.

(509)-582-9000, zeroreztricities.com,   or like them on Facebook.  We did!  Check out how nice and clean it looks now!

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