The bill passed along party lines in the legislature, now it's been signed into law by Gov. Inslee.

 SB (Senate Bill 5444) expands areas where guns can't be carried

The bill the Governor signed was watered down from its original text, which according to The Center Square included:

"The initial bill was much more expansive and would have extended the gun to “the premises of a city's, town's, county's, or other municipality's neighborhood, community, or regional park facilities at which children and youth are likely to be present” such as playgrounds, sports fields, swimming pools, community centers and skate parks. The original bill also did not include any exemptions."

The original bill would have, based upon the added exemptions, banned open carrying by correction offers, and honor and color guards.

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Now, under its current signed form, carrying a firearm is prohibited in zoos, libraries, and public transit facilities. It does not apply to those with a concealed carry permit.

Gov. Inslee said the bill provides "common sense safeguards" against gun violence or threats where children may be present.

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