If you're going to take a rental vehicle without permission, one would think the perp would realize it's probably equipped with a hidden GPS in case such an event happens. Guess not!

According to their Facebook page, Pasco police said the driver of the rental van captured Tuesday was "unaware."

Police received a call from the rental company in Chicago, saying they'd tracked a stolen van to our area.  Authorities say the vehicle piled up over 5,000 miles, including a trip to Mexico, in just one week!  The company didn't specifically say what system was used, but likely some sort of GPS that enabled them to follow it's progress. It was probably just a matter of time before it was in one location long enough to notify police to grab it.

The driver was arrested without incident. No other details were released, but we can't help but think it was involved in some sort of illegal activity. Especially due to the trip 'out of the country.'

The investigation continues.


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