We in the Tri-Cities are blessed with more than one alternative high school, where students can pursue non-traditional educational platforms. But up in the Yakima Valley, one city is losing theirs.

Grandview School District officials and others have announced that Compass High School, which not only serves that city but draws from others close by, will be closing it's doors at the end of the 2016-17 school year.

Since 1994, according to KNDU-TV, the school has attracted hundred of students who were falling behind in their academic progress, and also catered to students who excelled using alternative methods.

But before you think it's all bad, officials say the reason is dropping attendance. Enrollment levels have gone down from 160 in the last year or so to 30. Officials say they're seeing vastly improved academic performance, so fewer students need to use the programs it offers.

Officials say students who may still require alternative methods of academic progress will still be matched with counselors and others to ensure they stay at grade levels.

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