Wednesday, Franklin County Sheriff's nailed 2 would-be burglary suspects who tried to break into a home, but the alert owner locked the doors and called 911.

Around 10am, 911 dispatchers got a call from the 1200 Block of Newport road, about 3 miles south of Mesa, just off Highway 395.

The caller said two people with guns were trying to break in, but perhaps they heard the homeowner loudly on the phone with authorities. They fled.

But a short time later Deputies caught up with them. Provided with a detailed description of their vehicle, officers pulled them over on Lanford Road. They were promptly identified by the witness, and now 20-year-old Reece Baird and 31-year-old Jessica Luevanos are in the Franklin County jail.  An older woman and younger man? some kind of Bonnie and Clyde thing?

The picture on left, you can see suspect driver still behind wheel before being cuffed.


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