First revealed by Restore Washington and some other conservative activist groups, a petition has been signed by 38 of the 39 county Sheriffs in Washington state. The petition was circulated late last week, and we were the first to get wind of it.

Now, apparently, it's going to be sent to Olympia.

Who Is Going to Get This Petition?

According to the information we've received and found, it will likely be sent to a number of legislators, including Gov. Inslee. The petition pledges these Sheriffs will uphold the Washington state and U.S. Constitutional rights of citizens. It especially focuses on 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, namely the right to bear arms.

Grant County Sheriff Tom Jones (Below)


But in general, the overall tone applies to the preservation of citizens' abilities to be free. We've seen a growing erosion of personal freedoms, especially during the COVID lockdowns.

The petition was signed by 38 Sheriffs, we have pictures of Adams County (Ritzville) Sheriff Dale Wagner and Grant County Sheriff Tom Jones (Moses Lake-Ephrata) signing the petition.

 Adams County Sheriff Dale Wagner Below

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Sheriff Jones released this public statement via their Facebook page that read in part:

"I am proud to be a part of such a great moment when our Constitutional rights are being challenged."

Sheriff Wagner from Adams County issued a short, brief but powerful statement, saying many had asked where he stood on this and other related issues:

"Many have asked and this is where I stand as your Sheriff."   The statement was followed by a picture of him signing and a picture of his signature on the petition.

 Where Do Other Sheriffs Stand On This?

Benton County Sheriff Jerry Hatcher, who is battling a recall effort on the August 3 primary ballot, issued a statement that read in part:

"As your Sheriff, I am deeply committed to protecting your individual rights and providing the highest quality law enforcement services to those who work, visit, and live in our community. Along with 37 other elected Sheriffs in Washington, who also share this commitment, we want to reassure all citizens of Washington State we will do everything within our authority as Sheriffs to protect your freedoms and rights."


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