EPA air quality Thursday morning (EPA website)

The EPA has an air quality website, that provides quick and easy information about how bad, or good, our air is. Give the smoke and fires, they're probably getting record numbers of hits.

The website AIRNOW.gov provides information about particles in air, smoke, dust, whether it poses hazards, and more.

As of this writing, mid-morning Thursday September 7,  we were at a 183 which is considered "Unhealthy."  The image below shows the scale officials use to determine whats good and bad.  The ratings are based upon, in layman's terms, how many foreign 'bodies' and particulates are in the air, which would be sucked into your lungs. Yes, smoke has a lot of suspended particulates. It starts with Green on far left, then moderate, then USG (unsafe for certain groups with respiratory issues) then Unhealthy, then VERY Unhealthy, and finally Hazardous.

EPA Air quality scale. Starts with green (Good) and goes to Hazardous (EPA)