According to new state budget data and a report from the Washington State Republican Party, the absenteeism of Gov. Inslee due to his presidential campaign is costing the state leadership, and taxpayers money. And it's not likely he will be repaying citizens anytime soon.

According to Fox Q-13 reports and state data, Inslee has spent 60 days of the last 3 months campaigning for president, 47 of them out of state. Inslee has built his entire campaign on climate change, and has offered little or nothing else addressing government spending, the military, terrorism, Mexico border relations or other pressing issues.

The period measured by the report covers March 1 through June 1. GOP officials say if the average Washington resident told their boss they were going to be gone 2/3 of the time from their job but they still expected full pay and benefits, they'd be on the unemployment line fast.

According to the GOP report and Q-13 and state reports, Inslee's tab from taxpayers for having the State Patrol provide his security detail for his campaign out of state has climbed to $4 million dollars.  It is legally required when he travels out of state that he must utilize the security. But his excessive travels have piled up the dollars. So much so the State Patrol has had to remove money from some crime lab and other programs to help make up the difference.

Taxpayers are on the hook for the bulk of the $4 million, but numerous reports indicate Inslee has no intention of reimbursing the state.

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