Word is spreading fast about a proposal being made at the state level, which would basically ban future challenges of election results.

Deputy Secretary of State Randy Bolerjack has filed a proposal for a rules change

According to information released by the Benton County Republican Party and others  (who present the information in understandable terms):

" Currently, there is action being taken by Deputy Secretary of State Randy Bolerjack to prohibit 3rd party entities from examining the voting systems in the state. Our assumption is that this will include the data too.

This will make it extremely difficult for election integrity organizations to ensure free and fair elections in Washington State."  (From BCRP)

According to the proposal, which would change the WAC or Washington Administrative Code:

"(i) County auditors shall not provide physical, electronic, or internal access to third parties seeking to copy and/or conduct an examination of state-certified voting systems, or any components of such systems including, but not limited to: Voting software and systems, tabulators, scanners, counters, automatic tabulating equipment, voting devices, servers, ballot marking devices, paper ballot printers, portable memory media devices, and any other hardware, software, or devices being used as part of the voting system."

It is being done through the Secretary of State's office, who oversees elections. This would all but do away with election results and integrity challenges.

For those wishing to comment or offer their support or opposition to this proposal, you can call this number:  360-902-4146. There is also an email which you can send your views to as well. Click here for a link to that address. 

It will take you to the appropriate official in the Secretary of State's office.

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 You may recall Inslee prodded Democratic legislators to submit a bill that would punish officials who contest election results, or on his words, "spread lies" about them. And, now this.

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