As we head for 2020, just about everyone has goals or resolutions they're setting up for the new year. But how many should you make?

Experts say making TOO MANY goals will only end in failure.  According to Forbes Magazine Senior Writer Brianna Wiest, there is an ideal number: 3.

That may sound surprisingly small, but she says there are valid reasons why that small.

Doing Less Accomplishes More.  Spreading yourself too thin doesn't result in you accomplishing, or completing, much of anything, and that leads to more frustration. Focus on several key big areas.

Wiest says Radical Reinvention Shocks the System.  Psychologists say to much change too fast becomes hard to process and causes panic, frustration and fear. It's too much to process. Change one area of your life at a time. That allows you to become familiar with it much faster and easier.

You Will Learn What's Really Important.  By evaluating areas of your life that you believe need change or improvement, you will examine and learn which ones are important, which ones really aren't. This will help you decide the 3.

Goals need to be realistic.  Too many goals doesn't allow you to determine if they're actually attainable. Fewer goals and you can focus on them and see if they can be accomplished.

Growth is not an isolated event. It's a part of your everyday life, as you are changing things you do everyday.

So don't try to eat the elephant in January.

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