A Richland man is trying to figure out what he will do next after rare Columbia River ice sent his 28-foot boat to the bottom of the Columbia, leaving him without a home or most of his possessions.

41-year-old Dave Ladomirako is a construction worker who'd been living on his 28-foot vintage boat, going from marina to marina as he pursued jobs. But last Friday, he was done in by ice in the river.

He was heading into the Columbia Point Marina when his 1963 vintage boat hit a large chunk of ice, and apparently damaged the hull. It began taking on water. After alerting authorities as to what happened, he decided to keep the boat moored by Columbia Point to avoid further travel and damage.

However, the boat broke loose from it's moorings, and sank in the Columbia Point Marina.  Ladomirako isn't sure how it came loose, but only the bow, or front, was seen bobbing up and down in the water. His personal items were floating in the water. Reports indicate many of them were retrieved by people or witnesses, but apparently they haven't made their way back to Mr. Ladomirako.

According to him, the only items he's gotten back are a few items from the Coast Guard.

The boat drifted down the river, and ended up by the rocks near the Blue Bridge. He had planned on getting it pulled out of the water and onto a trailer before the boat decided otherwise and broke away from the dock.

He is getting some donated help from various marine and boat service companies in the area, and hopes to get it out of the water this week.

The boat is not insured, Ladomirako said lack of funds forced him to let the policy lapse.  He has started a GoFundMe account to help raise money.

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