Mystery boat found floating in River (PPD)
Mystery boat found floating in River (PPD)

In their usual sense of humor, Pasco Police said their work on this case was "knot" too bad...

Mystery boat fished out of Columbia River by Pasco PD

A short time ago this week, Pasco Police located and brought ashore this boat, which was spotted drifting in the Columbia River.

It was reported by several citizens, drifting with nobody aboard near the Chiawana Boat Launch.

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Pasco Officer Sgt. Groom, said Pasco Police, gave into "pier" pressure and helped tow it to the shore.

  The last known owner is deceased, say officers.

Police tracked it down via the registration and numbers on the side and found the craft is registered to someone in Arizona, but the last legal owner has been deceased for some time.

It's been retrieved and towed to their impound storage area, where the search will continue to locate someone who has legal rights to it, or until somebody comes forward and can claim ownership.

Police didn't say if they believe anyone was onboard prior to it being spotted in the river.


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