It was posted on August 2 by the Grant County Sheriff's Department.

Sheriff Tom Jones reported this boat was found drifting in Moses Lake, and was retrieved by their Marine Deputies.

Jones says the GCSO hasn't had any reports of people in the water at the time nor any reports of missing boaters.

It's noted that the motor on the boat was in the pulled-up position, like when it's being trailered, and the seat is folded down. That might indicate it was moored somewhere and the line gave way and it drifted off.

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But given the size of the boat and what's onboard, you would think the owner would be out looking for it, and pretty fast.

It appears to be in good condition as well.

Dozens of people who commented on the GCSO Facebook post (jokingly) said "It's Mine!" but of course they would have to provide title and registration for the craft.

So, what if nobody claims it?  What happens to 'abandoned' boats in WA?

It may take a while, but the Department of Natural Resources and other state agencies do have a set of laws regarding abandoned watercraft. Now, most of these laws were enacted because of larger sailboats, and even big fishing vessels that have been left in a harbor on the West Side.  There's a surprisingly large number of such old, derelict, even half sunk vessels.

But in this case, it will likely end up at one of a number of state-run abandoned boat auctions, where it's sold off to the highest bidder.

If it's yours you might want to check this out. No word if Skipper and Gilligan were interested.


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