Calling it "robust, vigorous and comprehensive" plan, Inslee talked Tuesday about the Contact Tracing program, his Fire Brigade as he calls it.

He said the program is an extension of what's done for TB and other viruses-diseases. Under normal circumstances, a known infected person is "reverse traced" to their family and friends so health officials can determine how many may be infected.

However, Inslee says this will be the largest in the state's history.  It begins with reporting signs of COVID-19.  He showed a graph with five points, which he claims are a "corrall" around the virus, as he put it.

Inslee said they hope to contact people within 24 hours after the first test. Contact Tracers would, in a sense, notify officials about others they've been around, then those people will be notified. He stressed that personal information will remain private.

He said "families will need to be committed" to this effort.

Of interesting note:  Inslee said if person "A" is contacted by a 'tracer', who claims they were exposed to COVID-19,  person "A" will not be told who 'fingered' them as being potentially exposed. Hmmm....

Inslee commended the National Guard members who are part of the Contact Tracing team, saying he loves their tireless efforts and willingness to "follow orders"...hmmm.

There are 351 National Guard members, and 350 Department of Licensing workers among the 1,317 Contact Tracers. The rest come from various state and local health departments.

The BIG Question remains, points four and five of his five point plan. The Contract Tracers who contact you and inform you you're allegedly exposed, and that person's quarantine.   What is a person shows no signs, is not sick, and refuses to "cooperate?" Inslee did NOT address that issue, not was it brought up by reporters.

Inslee did mention about businesses who don't comply that he spoke with AG Ferguson, and sounded as if he was scolding those who disagree.

A variety of 'selected' officials from around the state, sang the praises of Contact Tracing, saying it's the 'wave of the future' for tracking and battling viruses.

As for the Restaurant requirements of email and phone number, Inslee kind of dodged around the question. He said "we've" been talking with the restaurant association officials and Inslee said he thinks the plan is "tenable" but could be adjusted. He had no answer for the question what is people give fake information?

Inslee says the UW is working on an app that could assist in notifying people if they've been around people who've possibly had or have COVID.  He mentioned Apple and Google, apparently they're part of this development.

Inslee stressed immediate quarantine for entire families immediate after possible exposure. He claims there will be state support for that family. If a person cannot isolate with family, there will be other facilities where they can isolate.  Sounded rather ominous.

  Inslee's zinger of the day, concerning people reporting their information at restaurants to "protect" other diners.   ..."have a good linguini and make sure nobody dies. that oughta be a good night's dinner."

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