In a Thursday afternoon press conference Gov. Inslee specifically mentioned Franklin County, the Snohomish County Sheriff and others whom he said issued statements not consistent with the Stay at Home orders, or chose to defy them.

In what has been easily his most 'dictatorial' conference to date, Inslee said in not so subtle ways that Stay at Home is the law, and insinuated anyone who disagrees with it by trying to open businesses or deviate will not be tolerated. He did try to temper it by saying only one enforcement action has had to be taken, but he was clearly saying he was making the decisions and will not be swayed from HIS course.

Inslee said the "courts" and others have deemed his orders "Constitutional," and he praised the "millions" of Washington residents who have abided by the Stay Home orders.

Inslee officially let it out of the bag that if necessary the Attorney General's office and the Washington State Patrol would be used to enforce the Stay at Home laws if a business deemed as non-essential chooses to stay open or re-open.

He said every decision he has made is to protect the health of Washintonians

He also claimed the plan is working and said the state will remain under the Stay Home order until "we make a further decision that will be based upon science and data."

He also took a definite shot at dissenters, saying, "our office will not be guided by irrational sources who would gamble with our health."

Click on the link below to watch the rather short press conference for  yourself.

Especially around 28:00 his comments about Sheriffs, and then at 30:12 when a reporter from the Everett Herald questions why Boeing and others were allowed to open but hair salons were not. Excellent question.  Watch Inslee's answer. 

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