It's been a season marked by water shortages, specific water days, and brown lawns. But with cooler wetter weather, you still have some time to green stuff up before the final day of water delivery.

Wednesday the Kennewick Irrigation District announced their last day of water service from your residential spicket will be October 11th.

October 12th, your faucet will be dry. That's also the day the KID will begin what's called baseline testing. It's a way for the district to determine how much seepage is occurring in the miles of canals around the area.  During that time, many canals will appear to be slightly "overfilled" or very high. This is to provide the maximum water flow so the seepage rates will be more accurate.

KID is already advising customers this fall to prepare in advance for a low-water spring and summer, and to keep that in mind for landscaping and future planting projects.  Weather patterns, and water and snow forecasts show we are likely to have another year in 2016 with lower than normal water amounts.

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