What began as a brutal Kennewick murder ended Thursday with a chase and apprehension in rural Skamania County, not that far from Vancouver, WA

Elderly Kennewick man apparently killed by 44-year-old who knew him

Following the discovery of a deceased man in his Kennewick home Tuesday afternoon, identified as Clayton Wick, Kennewick officers were able to determine that 44-year old Christopher Calvert had likely committed the homicide, and stolen the victim's vehicle, a 2012 green Honda CRV.

Murder victims car after suspect crash (Skamania County Sheriff)
Murder victims car after suspect crash (Skamania County Sheriff)


Further identification of Calvert was made, and his information spread to agencies around the state. This regional effort led to Skamania County, and the Skamania County Sheriff informed KPD that Calvert had been sighted in Stevenson. It's a small town about one hour east of Vancouver.

Thursday afternoon around 3 PM,  Skamania Deputies and US Marshals Fugitive Service officers went to the location where Calvert was seen and spotted him driving the victim's vehicle. A brief 4-5 minute chase ensued into a rural area outside of town which was ended when an officer rammed the Honda broadside into a ditch, disabling it.

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He was captured without incident.  Kennewick Police released this information as well:

"Calvert was an acquaintance of Wick. The motive is not completely known at this time. Wick appears to have suffered from a violent assault and blunt force trauma. The cause of death will be determined by an autopsy."

KPD says Calvert is in the Benton County jail and is facing the following charges:

"First Degree Murder (Premediated) with Aggravating Circumstances (Invasion of Privacy, Lack of Remorse, Excessive Injuries) and Auto Theft."

  The lack of remose is rather striking, according to legal 'dictionaries,' it's either extreme indifference towards the harm a person causes another; or the person committing the harm intended to aggravate it.  Wow!

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