KSD calendar released (Highlands Middle School KSD)
KSD calendar released (Highlands Middle School KSD)









A few changes have been made to the Kennewick School District calendar for the 2022-23 school year.

 The calendar is available online for review

School will again start on a Wednesday, but this year that falls on August 31st, as opposed to September in 2021.  The winter break will run from December, 22 through January 3rd.  Students, however, will not return to class until January 4th, which is a Wednesday.

The District has also scheduled two snow make-up days, in case of bad weather, they will be March 13, and May 26th. In the event no class time is missed, those days will be off-days for schools.

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Parents may also notice that all schools except Highlands and Park Middle Schools have early releases on Wednesdays. HMS and PMS operate on an 8-period daily program, instead of 7, and this also, according to KSD officials, allows more instructional time to focus on important curriculum areas, especially math. 

And finally,  the school year will end 1 day earlier, June 14th as opposed to June 15th this year (2022).  More details about the calendar can be seen by clicking here.


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