We bet your kids have seen mutton busting at the fair, or at least seen pictures. So how about letting THEM try it?

New this year to the Benton Franklin Fair is Wool Busters, an opportunity for children who've never tried to ride a sheep to do it!

Mutton Busting is actually where many rodeo stars got their start. Little tykes straddle the sheep and try to stay on for at least 8 seconds. Wool Busters happens each day at the fair by the carnival.

Safety equipment is provided, and utilizing miniature gates and rodeo chutes, little kids can experience the thrill of riding a sheep, just like the big rodeo stars.

Perhaps your little one will want to get involved in rodeo after going for the ride of their life with Wool Busters.

To get details and participate, check in at the big Wool Busters booth next to the Davis Shows Carnival. You can't miss it!


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