In a scene right out of a movie, five people in a mini van that nearly slid into a West Richland irrigation canal had to sit and not move until a tow truck could arrive and stabilize the vehicle. You've seen the movies where a vehicle is balanced on the edge of a cliff or ditch, and the people have to sit still or move to the back as a counterweight? Kind of the same thing here.

West Richland police say Sunday night the van somehow found itself heading for the canal, the driver slammed on the brakes and it slid partially over the embankment. The van was literally teetering back and forth, the passengers had to avoid moving to keep it in place.

It was some harrowing minutes before the tow truck stabilized it enough to allow them to exit. Police didn't say where this occurred, but there are some areas on North Yakima River Drive where a lack of lights and no shoulder striping makes the edge difficult to see. No one was injured in the mishap.

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