If you see a low-flying crop duster type of aircraft making a few passes over the Richland and West Richland areas, don't be alarmed.  It's not part of the HAPO Gold Cup air show, but mosquito control.

The Benton County Mosquito Control board announced they plan another control flight in preparation for the HAPO Gold Cup Hydro races this weekend. Beginning at 9pm Thursday night, the aircraft will be doing an extensive amount of mosquito spraying over much of Richland and West Richland.

Evening or very early morning hours are preferred because the disease-carrying insects are most likely to be active at those times.

The board wants to inform area residents the sprays are not toxic to humans, and it a common practice to help eradicate large areas of the insects. Due to extremely dry weather this spring and summer the mosquito problem is worse than last year.

This weather caters to the types of insects that carry the West Nile Virus, and this aerial spraying will help knock them down.

For more information about current and future mosquito control plans, and tips for how to get rid of them around your home and yard, visit the mosquito control board website.



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