Probably not something you see every day...


Wednesday Jan. 19th, around noon, Deputies responded to a call from landowner-farmer near the intersection of Old Inland Empire Highway and Steele Road, less than a mile northwest of Prosser.

We've included a Google maps shot of the area, because no pics of the suspect were released...probably for good reason!

It seems there was a 28-year-old man who was, according to Deputies, "hanging around naked on a hay truck."

Specifically what he was doing on the truck was not spelled out by authorities, but obviously, it was NOT his truck or land.

The man, identified only as David C.,  was arrested for outstanding warrants, and likely other charges going to be plastered on him as well--along with a set of jail stripes.

NO word if any alcohol or other drugs are involved.  Not exactly the kind of weather to be rolling and frolicking naked on a hay truck.  Besides, hay is certainly scratchy any time of year.


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