We were surprised by results from two recent polls!

A while back we asked if you would be honest like the Vegas cabbie who returned a computer case full of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The results of that poll:

  • 55% said they would return it, because of guilty feelings
  • 17% said not, finders keepers
  • 27% said maybe, they'd have to be in that situation to find out.

We had expected a few more "finders-keepers!"

The other poll that surprised us was "Is Candy Corn the Worst Halloween Candy Ever?"

  • 55% said the worst was the cheap, hard, sugary stuff from the dollar store
  • 27% said the worst was getting something good for you (fruit!)
  • only 18% agreed with us

Guess we at Newstalk 870 are in the minority on that one. Thanks for you opinion, and to the hundreds of you who voiced your opinion in each catagory. Keep checking here at our website for more polls, surveys, and chances to voice YOUR opinion.