Seattle's embattled Mayor Ed Murray has told the Seattle Times he has no plans to resign, even after a new accuser has stepped forward with sexual abuse claims.

(UPDATE--shortly after the news broke and this story was published, Mayor Murray resigned his position).

The Times reports Murray's younger cousin, 54-year-old Joseph Dyer, says in the 1970's when Murray lived in Dyer's family home for a time in New York the Seattle Mayor sexually abused him. Murray was working at a Catholic group home in 1975 and '76 in the Long Island town of Medford. Dyer, says the Times, is a veteran and works as a dialysis technician.

The Times reports during that period, Dyer says he shared a bedroom with Murray. Dyer was 13 at the time. He claims Murray forced him into sexual conduct for nearly a year, and it only stopped when a boy at that group home accused Murray of abusing him.

Dyer says his uncle negotiated with the home officials not to pursue charges as long as Murray quit, and left town. Shortly afterward, he moved to Portland to attend college. Dyer said "I have had enough" and it was time for Murray to be held responsible. Murray says there's a lot of family dynamics and issues between him and the Dyer's which people don't know about.

He accuses the family of trying to finish him off, when have seen him down and out over the other four sexual abuse accusers. The Times says the Catholic home confirms Murray worked there, but doesn't have any records or information showing why he did leave.

Murray does not plan to run for Mayor during the next election, but has steadfastly refused to resign. The primary accuser in the Seattle-Portland abuse case has withdrawn his suit, but plans to refile when Murray's term is finished.

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