Mark Levin calls them drones. We're not sure how they get out of bed in the morning.A small group of about 100 protestors, allegedly from the Occupy Movement in Tampa,  had to ask police for directions to the next protest site after their attempts to snarl traffic largely failed. The protestors who gathered near the RNC convention Wednesday night tried to take over some intersections and spent about 15 minutes waving signs. They also dangled donuts and bagels on the end of fishing poles at police in an attempt to taunt them.

A police spokesman said they thought it was actually funny, but their patience paid off without a single protestor needing to be arrested.

The protestors then actually had to ask police for directions on how to get to the next site where city officials had approved a location for people to gather or protest. Tampa officials figured that setting aside a few areas for the Occupy folks to meet would avoid confrontations like those in Portland where police had to use force, water cannons, and tear gas to get rid of them.

Apparently it worked, and maybe somebody can chip in and buy a Garmin for the protestors for their next social gathering -- perhaps they can hit up George Soros, he's loaded!

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