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Just over a week ago, Gov. Inslee 'sneaked' out plans for what he believes is an incentive or 'perks' program in an effort to boost what the state says are sagging vaccination rates.

Even the Benton Fairgrounds site has reported hundreds of open appointments, and some vaccines even went unused. It appears while people are still getting shots, the demand has perhaps peaked. Those who wanted have, those who don't, have not.

But now, Inslee is strongly encouraging churches, sporting venues, theaters, and other public entertainment entities to create separate "vaccinated" and "non-vaccinated" sections.

Welcome to Selma, Alabama 1965,  2021 style. Inslee blithely views it as an incentive program. However, there's often an underlying sinister tone.  He tried to spin it as folksy and genuine; but during his press conference Tuesday March 4, he basically tied our return to normal (and freedom) to vaccination rates. He insinuated if vaccination rates get high enough, we "could" possibly see a more return to normal this summer.

However, here's what Inslee did not have the guts to say publicly during his conference. He didn't speak one word about this program.

*Inslee is allowing, even encouraging, public and private schools and universities to tag vaccine requirements onto student on-campus living and in person classes.

*He is encouraging the aforementioned venues to create separate vaccinated and non-vaccinated entrances.

*His "guidance" allows outdoor events to expand up to 22,000 vaccinated persons, or 50% of their capacity, whichever comes first. Indoor facilities can admit up to 2,000 vaccinated persons, or 50% of capacity, and again, whichever comes first.

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*If you don't believe this is segregation, here's a quote from Inslee's own "guidance:"

"All ticket holders for a fully vaccinated-only section must enter the facility through a separate line from unvaccinated ticket-holders."

So apparently if you are attending a sporting event, church, etc. with a mix of vaccinated and non-vaccinated people, they have the option to sit without you.

Jason Rantz of AM 770 KTTH in Seattle (a frequent Fox News Channel contributor) says these are coercive measures, and abusive over reach.

Why not just create separate bathrooms? Seating sections in restaurants? Why not just put up a sign reading "non-vaccinated people eat out back?"

Inslee is so proud of himself for looking at our state through his social justice ethnic equity lens, but when it comes to coercion and wanting to get his way, he will stop at nothing to achieve it.

All while rambling about how many lives we've saved because of his and the state's policies; and he never misses chance to take a swipe or cheap shot at other states who are far more open and thriving than we are.

Already numerous calls are coming for lawsuits because this is not an incentive program, it's discrimination. Denying equal access or opportunity for citizens because of a legally and Constitutionally protected right to choose (whether to get vaccinated or not).

His constant use of the word guidance is wearing very thin; guidance implies receiving instruction from someone who knows what the heck they are doing.

Welcome to Selma, Alabama 1965 in Washington state...2021 style.


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