The driver suffered minor injuries, but Southbound traffic on the Boulevard was backed up for miles.

According to our news partner KNDU-TV,  earlier Monday a semi-truck turning off Highway 240 onto the Southbound lanes of Columbia Center Blvd. was traveling too fast for the corner, and tipped over.

A woman in a vehicle alongside the trailer noticed it was starting to lean, and was able to speed up out of the way.  Her vehicle was only clipped in the rear corner, but she avoided what could have been a disastrous wreck!

Kennewick Fire Department officials say the driver, who's name was not released, was taken to Trios Health Center (Formerly Kennewick General Hospital) and treated for minor injuries.  Officials didn't say what was on board the trailer at the time of the crash.

Traffic was snarled and backed up Southbound for hours, and cleanup continues.

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