Pasco Police say the officer involved has already and will continue to have a hard time living this one down.

Originally reported on social media by Tri Cities Bad Driver Shaming, this Pasco Police Supervisor unit was spotted Sunday near Road 68 on !-182, tooling along with a gas pump nozzle sticking out of their vehicle. Jose Cruz captured a video of the car traveling with the nozzle sticking out.

 What Led Up To This?

Apparently the supervisor was gassing up his vehicle, and decided to clean the windows. During this stop, an important call came in, one the officer felt he should also respond to. So, in his hurry to get there, he drove off and forgot to replace the nozzle. He traveled from near 4th in Downtown Pasco to out by Road 68.

As Pasco Police explained it, yes he got razzed when he arrived at his call. Fortunately, today's gas pumps (most of them) are equipped with quick-released latches so that if somebody drives off like this, it won't yank the whole hose and assembly out of the pump itself.

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You may recall seeing older stories about fires or other serious issues resulting from these kind of mishaps. In this case, no damage was done.  The handle-nozzle was returned to the appropriate station and reattached.

Pasco Police also addressed if this kind of incident could result in charges. They said if it's obvious that the driver completely forgot or otherwise didn't remember to replace the nozzle, usually no if no damage occurs.

Even if you drive off with the nozzle, if you return it to the gas station, no harm no foul.

Again, as long as no damage is done, you will be embarrassed but OK.

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